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Theresa Earle

Works in Human Services
New Hampshire
Theresa Earle is an early mover and activist who has been involved with everything from Occupy Boston and New Hampshire to the Free State Project. She has a diverse array of ideas and perspectives to give on topics related to individual liberty, often offering unique insights given her varied past. She brings her radical perspective on liberty in her own life through her interactions with others as well as her children.
A Free Stater at heart, Theresa Earle moved to New Hampshire in 2011 discovering, after she’d been here a year, that she fully supported the Free State Projects’ ideas and signed the Statement of Intent ex post facto. Theresa is a mom and farmer who works in human services partnering with adults who experience developmental and intellectual disability. Here, she has the opportunity to work with some amazing people who are often overlooked by society. She considers her life her activism, and finds meaning in her life and activism by doing.

She became a doula after witnessing a baby born in a hospital setting and realized how unnatural the process had become. In doing so, she was able to assist women with getting the birth they wanted, rather than a medical birth. What she learned about government and healthcare as a doula helped spur her on in other areas. She has learned to push back against government, often reminding legislators in NH house and senate hearings that they work for their constituents not the federal government.

She has enjoyed assisting with organizing the flagship FSP events Porcfest & Liberty Forum, played a key role in starting and organizing Occupy Boston, and enjoys her work with AltExpo because what she really wants to facilitate in life is to get people talking.

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